Daily Deals: Final Day to Buy Meta Quest 2 VR Headset Before the Price Increase

Daily Deals: Final Day to Buy Meta Quest 2 VR Headset Before the Price Increase

Daily Deals: Final Day to Buy Meta Quest 2 VR Headset Before the Price Increase

This can DESTROY your Oculus Quest 2! ��

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SHOCKING Quest 2 Price Increase! Why is Meta Raising Quest 2 Cost??

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Today Meta announced their shocking price increase on Quest 2 models������ . Why would they do that?? Let’s discuss!

Meta price increase announcement blog post – https://www.oculus.com/blog/meta-quest-2-pricing-changes/

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Oculus Quest 2 Unboxing + Accessories – The Ultimate VR Bundle in 2022!

In this video I Unbox, Review, & give you my first hand impressions of the (Oculus) Meta Quest 2 VR Gaming Headset (Product Link: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/oeaWee ) as well as all of the most popular accessories you can get for it. I’ll also show you the setup process, cool tips and tricks, as well as compare the sound quality of this headset vs the Logitech G Pro! For BEST Graphics, pair this with a Gaming PC! To help you decide which one to get, check out my Best Prebuilt PCs Video: https://youtu.be/mBUUkZyaST0

Favorite Gaming PC I’ve Reviewed so far:
Corsair Vengeance i7300: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/JrYabe (from Best Buy)
Corsair Vengeance i7300: https://go.corsair.com/NKyBoN (from Corsair site)
It’s my favorite most bang for your buck gaming PC out of all my reviews so far. Here’s my review if you want to learn more https://youtu.be/VLLj32cGp54

Links to all the other products Below:
(Oculus) Meta Quest 2 VR Gaming Headset: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/oeaWee
If you already got your Oculus, use my referral link below when setting it up for $30 in Oculus store credits!
(Oculus) Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/kjG4B3
(Oculus) Meta Quest 2 Carrying Case: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/AoXgJN
Logitech – G333 VR Earbuds for Oculus Quest 2: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/qnXWRN
Logitech – G PRO Headphones for Oculus Quest 2: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/yRQZDb
Anker Charging Dock: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/9WaV5j
Insignia Cleaning Kit for Meta Quest 2: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/15QGqx
Insignia Facial Interface Pack for Meta Quest 2: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/oeZNEE
Insignia Grip Kit for Meta Quest 2 Controllers: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/BXo5ZW
Insignia Screen Protection Pad for Meta Quest 2: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/n1J409
Casematix Hard Shell Case for Meta Quest 2: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/6b5kab
KIWI Quest 2 VR Lens Protectors: https://amzn.to/3wWvoFi
KIWI Quest 2 Controller Grips: https://amzn.to/3t3XJrN
KIWI Quest 2 VR Headset Protective Cover: https://amzn.to/3GEZRw4
KIWI Quest 2 Halo Controller Ring Protective Cover: https://amzn.to/3wU7Hxc
Google Chromecast: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/DVzW5a

Recommended VR Ready Gaming Desktop:
(Best Buy) Corsair VENGEANCE i7300 i9 12900K: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/GjY5X6 (The BEST of the BEST Performance)
(Best Buy) Corsair VENGEANCE i7300 i7 12700K: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/JrYabe (BEST Value)

Recommended VR Ready Gaming Laptop:
2022 MSI GE76 with i9 and 3080Ti: https://bit.ly/MSI_GE76_Raider_12900HK (The Most Powerful)
2022 MSI GE76 with i7 and 3080Ti: https://amzn.to/3x3IWyP (Best Bang for your Buck)

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0:00 Intro
0:43 (Oculus) Meta Quest 2 Unboxing
3:16 Setup
3:38 (Oculus) Meta Quest 2 Link Cable
4:11 (Oculus) Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery
5:35 Anker Charging Dock
7:34 (Oculus) Meta Quest 2 Carrying Case
7:53 Casematix VR Carrying Case
8:49 Logitech – G PRO Headphones
10:01 Logitech – G333 VR Earbuds
10:34 Sound Quality Comparison
11:37 Insignia Accessories for (Oculus) Meta Quest 2
13:44 KIWI Accessories for (Oculus) Meta Quest 2
15:29 Google Chromecast
16:00 Final Thoughts
18:12 Giveaway!

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Is Buying A Meta Quest 2 VR Headset Still Worth It?

With the recent price jump on the Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality headset, people are wondering if it is still worth purchasing. In this video, we cover the ins and outs of the headset and size it up against the competition.

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