Fallen Masks – Guild Wars 2 Guide

Fallen Masks – Guild Wars 2 Guide

Fallen Masks – Guild Wars 2 Guide

Fallen Masks is an adventure in the north west part of Tarir, The Forgotten City by the Masks of the Fallen point of interest where players must reach various

GW2 fallen masks gold run

2:52 run of the fallen masks adventure

Guild Wars 2 – Adventure – Fallen Masks – GOLD RUN with TacO Markers

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Mastery point by Fallen Masks Guild Wars 2

Mastery point by Fallen Masks Guild Wars 2

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Mastery Points Unlock in Auric Basin
Adventure – Fallen Masks
Sooth the tormented spirits of fallen Exalted.

► Mastery Needed
– Bouncing Mushrooms (Itzel Lore Level 1)
The room is very vertical and requires extensive use of mushrooms to reach masks.
– Exalted Acceptance (Exalted Lore Level 2)
Required to be able to enter the room that contains the adventure.
– Blazing Speed Mushrooms (Itzel Lore Level 3)
These help move from mask to mask quickly.

► Getting there
From Forgotten City Waypoint — [ &BMYHAAA=]: Walk west towards Westgate, then head north just prior to reaching the steps to the exalted portal. Enter the hallway on the right, and talk to either of the two Exalted NPCs on the left side to enter (requires Exalted Acceptance).

Pedestals are located throughout the room. At any given time during the adventure, one pedestal contains an active mask, indicated on the minimap and the interface by a blue Exalted mastery icon. You must bounce and glide your way to the mask, at which point another mask appears randomly elsewhere within the room.

The adventure will end if either the timer is up, if the player is defeated or if 25 masks have been soothed.

Available any time except during the “Battle in Tarir”.

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