Item Recipes – Divinity: Original Sin Guide

Item Recipes – Divinity: Original Sin Guide

Item Recipes – Divinity: Original Sin Guide

Divinity: Original Sin at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Divinity Original Sin II – Crafting – Arrow & Arrowhead Recipes

Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition Crafting for profit

DOS2: A Guide To Enchanting

A guide looking at how to enchant items via crafting in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

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Divinity Original Sin 1 Enhanced Edition Crafting and Blacksmithing Recipes and Guide

Special Note: Save before crafting since the stats are randomly generated on some items. Once you get the desire stats on certain items than you go ahead and do the upgrades to it. Make sure you have a party member your not using throughout the game as a crafting mule. Yes this video will show you how to make one too.

Hello and welcome to Lord Fenton Gaming plays Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition. I am your host Lord Fenton. In this Divinity Original Sin 1 Enhanced Edition video guide, I am going to show you all how craft in Divinity Original Sin 1 Enhanced Edition. In this video you will learn the basics, how to make a crafting and blacksmithing mule and see all the recipes too. Take my advice on when to craft and how to fully benefit from it. As always like, comment, and subscribe to my channel for more content like this.


Video Start – 0:00
Intro – 0:10

Note: About crafting in Divinity Original Sin 1. When you do craft at certain levels certain stats goes up if it’s higher. If you want the absolute best items and stats craft above level 20 which is the soft cap of the game. Reason being is you will get the best.

Why a Crafting Mule – 0:45
How to set up a mule – 1:00
This is the reason you want to craft – 2:21
What levels I should craft and more – 2:39

Note: Some of the items can be better to craft at higher levels (IE Armor, Weapons and Ect) and while others are perfect to do this (Potions, Ingredients and more). Use the timestamps and pause the video on the desire item you want to craft. Enjoy the in-game music I did slide in too.

Ingredients – 3:36
Tools – 9:06
Potions – 10:21
Armor – 14:21
Weapons – 17:36
Amulets – 19:52
Belts – 22:22
Rings – 23:37
Enchanting – 25:22
Scrolls and Skills Books – 30:52
Arrows and Arrowheads – 33:52
Food and Drinks – 37:53

Final advice – 43:23
Other Divinity Original Sin and other videos – 44:07

This was filmed with Nvida’s Shadow Play on my PC!

I used a Blue Yeti Mic and trust me it improves recording voice. You should get one too.

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