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Lunagems & Lunastones – ArcheAge Guide Lunagems are socketed gems that can applied to your gear. When attempting to socket a Lunagem, the first one is a guaranteed success but the following ones are Archeage – How to socket 7 Lunagems – Epic Obsidian Save up to around 100 Lunagems ( 78 000 honor points ) . Now you can try it without much fear =)As Healer you can easily make 5000 honor per day – Luscas / mistmerrow / 5c5 / halcyona / rifts / wild pvp. Archeage unchained do not waste your honor on lunagems archeage unchained do not waste your honor on lunagems Casuals Guide to Making Gold and Upgrading Lunagems Made a quick guide to make gold for casual players, and how to get a bunch of materials along with it to upgrade your Lunagems! Let me know which gems you are going to upgrade in…

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