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Xbox One Kinect Voice Commands – Xbox One Guide The Xbox One Kinect Voice Commands list chronicles over fifty known Kinect commands and their Xbox One Kinect Voice Commands are Awesome Hey everyone its Hawkie here and today we go over some of the Kinects Voice Commands and although sometimes they may take some patience to get, they are awesome and i actualy use them when im too slack to get my controller! you can even sign in with it and turn off your console which is really awesome and im keen to see the future of this! CNET How To – Use voice commands with the all new Kinect http://cnet.co/1bS4dMqThe Xbox One supports dozens of new voice commands. Here’s some of the coolest ones to help you get started. Kinect Tips, Part 2: Voice Commands Albert Penello and Scott Evans from the Xbox team provide some tips and suggestions…

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